October 17, 2018

On September 14th we in Wilmington, NC, watched as Florence pushed her way onto our coast. We were braced as reports began to be released of a category four storm that would hit the Carolinas.  So we did what

intercessors do, we headed to the beach and put our feet on the shore and we prayed. 

We cried out for mercy. We asked for this storm to be downgraded. We also prayed to see the hand of God in and through this storm. 

The storm was named Florence which means blossom, flourish, prospering.  The watchmen were in place and we began inquiring of the Lord. God, we know your voice is over the waters. What are you saying? What are you showing? 


The first thing I heard as this storm crashed ashore was God’s instruction; “Listen to the wind.” This wind would be both a wind of change and a delivering wind. This wind would bring in, and the wind would take out. The rivers would overflow their banks and this flood would be a flushing flood. 

The land would give up what it...

March 19, 2017

Well that's a good place to start today. Thinking about the first Commandment. “‘Love the Lord your God with all your HEART- and with all your SOUL- and with all your MIND." This is the first and greatest commandment.

Pondering today what genuinely satisfies my heart? Where have I substituted things or people for HIM? Willing to Acknowledge where I have turned to earthly things for satisfaction. And now, Being intentional to turn my heart towards HIM. He alone can... truly satisfy the hungry soul (Psalm 107:9)

My soul- HE is the anchor to steady our restless souls, He is our hope and always leads us to where God is. He is the peace that surpasses our understanding, who settles the emotions and calms our stormy places.

The mind....Letting God rule thoughts (the battle of the mind). Having to silence the world, or still ourselves so that we may hear His voice. 

Letting no other gods take precedence before Him: False gods can take many forms and often we do not recognize what is ruling, what...

October 28, 2016

In September, Chuck Pierce gave a word to North and South Carolina in which he prophesied an unlocking wind coming. Chuck went on to tell how the Carolinas had lost its call to its harvest field.

In hearing this Word of the Lord to us, I turned my thoughts and prayer to the harvest. The scripture has much to say about the harvest.  About reaping and sowing, about wise and good stewardship. Matthew 9:35-38, John 4:35, Genesis 8:22

Luke 10:1-2 was the first scripture that came to my mind around gathering the harvest.  

In the Voice Bible this scripture reads, "The Lord then recruited and deployed 70 more disciples. He sent them ahead, in teams of two, to visit all the towns and settlements between them and Jerusalem.  This is what He ordered.

Jesus: There’s a great harvest waiting in the fields, but there aren’t many good workers to harvest it. Pray that the Harvest Master will send out good workers to the fields.

Couple of things jumped out to me. First, the fact tha...

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