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Honey From the Storm

On September 14th we in Wilmington, NC, watched as Florence pushed her way onto our coast. We were braced as reports began to be released of a category four storm that would hit the Carolinas. So we did what

intercessors do, we headed to the beach and put our feet on the shore and we prayed.

We cried out for mercy. We asked for this storm to be downgraded. We also prayed to see the hand of God in and through this storm.

The storm was named Florence which means blossom, flourish, prospering. The watchmen were in place and we began inquiring of the Lord. God, we know your voice is over the waters. What are you saying? What are you showing?


The first thing I heard as this storm crashed ashore was God’s instruction; “Listen to the wind.” This wind would be both a wind of change and a delivering wind. This wind would bring in, and the wind would take out. The rivers would overflow their banks and this flood would be a flushing flood.

The land would give up what it needed to and a flushing would take place. A FLUSH: things in the ground and under the ground needed to be exposed. As the water recedes, this flush would bring both an exposure (especially of corruption) but also a new ability to discover treasures exposed for God’s people. New resources have formed in the dark.

It wasn’t long before the electricity went out….and the POWER CAME ON!

We were without electricity for six days. It was hot and we had much debris to clean up. BUT, I have not been that blessed in a long time because God was close to us. God was clearly in this wind and HIS VOICE WAS LOUD. I prayed, I listened, I journaled and sought the Lord for what He was saying through this storm.

Two months ago, I had been in an in-depth study about honey and the honeycomb. God had prompted me to review Deborah and the Deborah anointing. It led me to the bee, the honeycomb and the honey.

During this study I landed surprisingly in the book of Acts, chapters 26 through 28. This is the account of Paul being shipwrecked on the island of Melita, now called Malta. I stumbled upon the fact that Malta/ Melita means honey; island of honey! Well, I took a rabbit trail into Paul being shipwrecked on an island called honey.

(Strong’s G3194 Melita = "honey": the name of an island in the Mediterranean, lying between Africa and Sicily, now called Malta)

FLORENCE SHOWED UP shortly after we entered the new year of 5779, which is a year to birth. This hurricane formed and hit land during the 10 days of Awe. Watching the news one day, seeing the visual of the projected path, it looked like a womb with a fetus in it. Later it took on the appearance of a wineskin, so it captured my full attention.

What was God birthing through this storm? We were reminded that travail often accompanies birthing. We choose to focus on the joy set before us! WHAT NEW WAS BEING BIRTHED?


There is a tremendous amount of atmospheric pressure in a hurricane. This storm hovered over us for three days. The third night we felt as if hell was throwing all it could at a region. In that one night we experienced seven tornado sightings, a severe thunderstorm, and the tail of the hurricane whipping violently. What a night! BUT GOD WAS IN THE WIND. WE ALREADY HAD THE PROPHECY GOD’S WIND WINS!

A NEW DAY- IN THE MORNING… such calm. Much of the landscape had been cleared and things looked very different. The first time I stepped outside after the storm was Malachi 4:2. The Carolinas will sing the songs of deliverance and healing! (Isaiah 43:19)

A great recovery is taking place. Apostolic order is forming in the Carolinas. Both new faith portions and a new depth of the wisdom is forming.

We shall see recovery, restoration and retribution!

GOD TOOK ME TO THE BOOK OF ACTS Chapter 26. The first thing I noticed was Paul did not rebuke the storm. Paul rode out the storm and because Paul cooperated with God and His word, all in the ship with Paul were saved.

Paul had previously received a word from God that he would not die in the storm. The angel of the Lord had visited Paul and told him that he would stand before Caesar. Therefore, Paul could not die in the shipwreck.

The storm would be used to thrust Paul into another portion of destiny. On the journey to Malta many ports were passed, for God had a very specific place on which He would bring the ship aground. God had a place Paul needed to land and set his feet, for God would meet Paul on Malta.

On the ship Paul had favor. He was cared for. He conversed with the centurion who was to guard him as a prisoner. Paul was able to speak with the ship captain and sailors. God saw to it that even though he was a prisoner, he had influence. Paul was even allowed to visit friends at one port. For Paul was un-condemned with no official charges against him. Paul was a Jew whose countrymen wanted to kill him. He was also a Roman whose government did not know what to do with him.

God was with Paul. At one point in the story, Paul advised the ship captain and the centurion it was dangerous to continue to sail into the storm. Paul advises them not to go against the storm for it was the dangerous season. Paul, after all, had experienced previous shipwrecks. Paul had a navigation system that went beyond the natural. Paul knew something about rough seas. Paul heard God even in the storm.

In the natural, this story is taking place during what the sailors knew to be a dangerous season. The weeks from September 14 through November 11 were not a favorable time to be on the treacherous waters. THIS WOULD HAVE HAD THEM SAILING DURING THE 10 DAYS OF AWE.

The centurion and the ship owner chose not to heed Paul’s (God’s) warning. They were more persuaded by the other sailors than Paul’s counsel not to advance and they sailed on. Their decision to ignore God and Paul would end up costing them the ship.


The very things they most likely sought to protect, their goods to sell, their food and provision, would later need to be thrown overboard. SO NOW THEY WERE DEPENDENT ON GOD AND GOD ALONE.

Paul brought hope in the storm (we will carry the message of hope to those enduring storms of life). Paul used his faith to strengthen others. He reminded those sailing with him that God had promised there would be no loss of life among them. Only the ship would be lost.

Paul believed God and took Him at His word. He had confidence in God when all looked hopeless. Paul did not allow the sailors, the wind, the centurion, or human ingenuity to stop him from moving on what God had said. God and the supernatural were more real to Paul than this storm.

ON A CERTAIN ISLAND - God had a landing place in which He would deliver Paul and those with him. He would deliver them from death and destruction! God would deliver them into hope and a future.


The first thing that happened to Paul on Malta was when they built a fire to warm themselves. We know the story; a snake showed up and bit Paul. The villagers expected Paul to die from the venom but he shook the snake into the fire and Paul was unharmed.

We are in that day when GOD IS CAUSING THE BITE OF THE SNAKE TO BE IMPOTENT AGAINST HIS PEOPLE. We will begin now to see many snakes shaken into the fire of God. May I add here that as I walked through Acts 26, 27 and 28 the Lord highlighted the fact that these were the exact dates (September 26,27,28) of the Kavanaugh hearing for him to be seated on the Supreme Court. There were certainly snakes that needed to be shaken into that fire! As the snakes are trying to bite, there is a seating and an unseating taking place.

Because the snake did not kill Paul, a man approached him for prayer. Healing was needed. Paul prayed for this man and the healing power of God touched him. What followed was a mass healing service and everyone on the island was healed!

We too have entered into an unprecedented healing movement. We will begin to see masses healed, regions healed, states healed, nations healed and delivered.

As a result of Paul’s faith, because of the power of God and the goodness of God resting on Paul, this island called Malta – (honey) experienced transformation and healing.

Paul gained favor with the inhabitants of Malta. When Paul left the island of Malta he had been given everything he would need for his journey ahead.

GOD IS ABOUT TO FAVOR HIS PEOPLE WITH COMPLETE PROVISION FOR THE JOURNEY. With abundance of resources and with increased anointing we will GO INTO ALL THE EARTH!

The storms have not destroyed us. God has brought us through the rough seas, the adverse winds. He has preordained the place where we will land, and a movement is launched. We have landed on the place of destiny. His will takes shape and His purpose perfectly forms. His power is displayed.


God has brought us to our Malta, securing a people to taste, to see the goodness of the Lord. God has set a table for us in the presence of our enemies. He is giving us a chance to sit at the table called the delights (eat the honey) of the Lord. FROM HIS HAND WE EAT, HARVEST and ALSO DISTRIBUTE THE BEST HONEY.

Honey is symbolic of God’s Word, of healing, health, prophetic word, productivity. It speaks to us of pollination, fruitfulness, prospering, flourishing.

WE NOW ARE BLOSSOMING, securing seed time and harvest!

The Apostolic Wineskin is about to drip with an abundance of honey.

When the enemy comes in like a flood…GOD WILL RAISE UP A STANDARD! Thankful for the winds of deliverance and the strong sound of change.

-A virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel (God with us). Butter and honey shall He eat, that He may know to refuse the evil and choose the good (Isa 7:14, 15)

-I feed them with the fat of wheat, and with honey out of the rock I satisfy them (Ps. 81:16); to sate with honey out of the rock denotes to fill with delight from the truths of faith.

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