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reading schedule
reading schedule
reading schedule
read the bible in 28 days

want to join a bible reading team?

No matter the methods and plans you choose to read the Bible, it can be a spiritually transformative experience with the help of the Holy Spirit.   

is this for you?

Whether you have never read the Bible through, or if you have read the Bible through every year for decades, completing this more intensive, short-term Bible reading plan may give you not only a greater understanding of the Bible, but also a richer context for the rest of your life, when you do in-depth study.


This can be the year you read the Bible cover to cover - in a month!

Consistently, folks remark that reading through the Bible at this intensive rate and focus gives not only new insights, but deep personal understanding that impacts faith and heart attitude.  The focus shifts from words and verses to the overall messages of the Bible.  This flying over is more about seeing the terrain of the forest than examining the bark on the trees.  You’ll see!


EMAIL.  We welcome you to email us at or use the Contact Form to connect. 


AN EOZ TEAM?  We welcome you to the strength of a team. We host one 20-minute team connection per week.   


OR YOUR TEAM?  Please let us know so we can cheer and acknowledge you as part of the Body of Christ taking this on.

Check out the video to see ways this surprised everyone!

a feast
in god's word!

No matter the methods and plan you choose to read the Bible, it can be a spiritually transformative experience through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. One can read the Bible in 28 days by reading an average of 2 hours throughout the day, depending on reading speed.  Many remark how special it is to live a month thinking eagerly, “When can I next read the Bible?"  


Ponder that.  You may find a burst of energy for commitment to reading the Bible in entirety.  Ask the Lord to help you.


tips for success

1. Select a version of the Bible that you find easy to read.  Mark the passages you want to study more thoroughly later.


2. Variety of sources:  You may be well-served by listening to an audio Bible or listening while reading along. (We like Dwell app.) See if you concentrate better when listening to audio on 1.5x speed or higher, which cuts down on the mind wandering, as we process language faster than we speak it.   


3. Power of Association:  We welcome you to a weekly check-in on zoom (or phone) with a team of others reading, too.  It can add fun and endurance, when helping each other with encouragement, prayer, inspiration, and tips.   


4. Consider reading ahead on certain days when able, as you may fall behind on others.  

Let's enjoy doing this, relying on the help of the Lord, and expeiencing the rewards.  


We invite you to share this Bible Challenge generously with others.  Let's decree: "There shall be no famine of God's word in our land or among His people, in Jesus' name!"

4 week reading schedule
Week 1
Week 3
Psalms 76-150
Proverbs; Ecclesiastes; Song of Solomon
Lamentations; Ezekiel
Daniel; Hosea; Joel
Judges, Ruth
Amos - Malachi
Week 2
Week 4
1, 2 Samuel
Matthew; Mark
1, 2 Kings
Luke; John
1 Chronicles
2 Chronicles
Romans; 1, 2 Corinthians; Galatians
Ezra; Nehemiah; Esther
Ephesians - Hebrews
James - Revelation
Psalms 1-75

alternate 8-week plan

If you begin the 4-week plan but complete the reading in eight weeks by reading half as much each day, it’s all good!  It is still WONDERFUL!  Click here for the 8-week plan.

benefit of ongoing impact


 You may find that this challenge increases your desire to study and meditate on God’s word, ongoing.  Can you picture it naturally inspiring you into a lifestyle of reading the Bible in a month every year, and then in the next 11 months studying more in depth, now with the benefit of that broader context?


May God bless you and prosper you in being renewed by reading His word!


Anne Romanello and Susie Zeigler

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