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Unlocking the Winds

of Glory!


 <----- Video Replay.  

Full transcript here

revelation & decrees for winds of Glory

and our beyond

"... But now the wind is blowing to re-gather God’s army and his Kingdom people throughout this entire nation. So I want to ask the Lord to send a new mobilizing, convening wind that will reorder us into a movement of glory that we have never known.  Right now we are in this place where our identity for the future is going to be seen... God showed me 22 cities ... God said I will give them to you, but they will be cities of conflict in this nation. In the midst of the conflict that is going on, I will have a people that rise up and move in a glory realm that this nation has never seen before... Tell people around you - I need you and I need your gift during this time.  It’s an unlocking wind blowing.  Something in us that’s never been unlocked is unlocking.” 

Chuck Pierce 9/17/16

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