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It is a lie of the enemy that keeps you holding on to tradition instead of pulling yourself toward the new thing that He has for us and the new openings He’s making!

In that old paradigm they wouldn’t let women speak, they didn’t want prophets to prophesy. They didn’t want a new way to come! They wanted control. That’s witchcraft. So we say shake that off!

When the settlers first came here we know God led them and directed them, but they didn’t have the Holy Spirit to work it out. So this is a season where the Spirit is going to lead. 

And you know, sometimes the covenants we have had have been more with men than with God. So Lord, today we want to recognize that that has been our tendency.  And we break the power of that in ourselves. We repent today, and we ask you Lord, to show us the path to a greater covenant with you.

We open the gates from where we have kept the floods at bay in the past. And we welcome whatever you are sending in to us, but we will not align with the traditions of men, or the covenants with men. We will align ourselves with the covenant of God. As a result of that we will come into fellowship and communion and alignment with each other, Lord, in the name of Jesus.

Apostolic Prayer Leader Anne Tate 3/11/19

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