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Charleston SC


   Break Dividing Walls 

with Chuck Pierce,

Dutch Sheets,

Venner Alston


Hosted by the 13 Colony Council at the Citadel Chapel

Prophetic Highlights

Amanda Hill: And the Lord said to the Charlestonians.  If you are a native or transplant raise your hand. Listen, the Lord is speaking to us about gates right now, and we have the authority in this place to open gates. We’ve been known in our southern pride and southern dignity to withhold undignified worship, that we stop the undignified worship because it requires us to get rid of our dignity.  And the Lord Is saying to us today to open the gates, open the gates, the ancient doors! Hey, it's time to unleash the undignified worship, release the undignified worship in Charleston. Charlestonians raise your hands and say King of Glory we release the undignified worship.

Anne Tate:  The Lord says that if you are an expert at closing gates inside yourself, inside this State, inside this Nation, then your greatest gift is your ability to open gates! So we say today that we are opening the gate in South Carolina over a portal so that when the cadets come in here they will be shifted, they will be changed and equipped to do everything that you’ve called them to do. I say that from this day forth South Carolina and the rest of the 13 Colonies will stand and break down gates, and open, and call the King of Glory in.

Chuck Pierce:  The Lord said, “Ive got to assemble My Church today and have them worship Me the way that I want them to worship Me.”
This Nation has HOPE.  See, we have got to get past the Church of England mentality because we still have it - the church of Methodist, the church of Catholic, the church of Charismatic expression. Because God is saying the only way a Nation can be healed is My Kingdom being expressed through My Kingdom Rule in the earth realm.
Father, we ask you right now, and we Thank You that we have assembled, that is what the word Church means, to align with You today at the place called the Citadel to create a new stronghold for this Nation.

Chuck Pierce: What James [worship leader] did was say alright, let’s step into the future and worship.  See, when you want to tear down a throne of iniquity, you have to start removing its blocks. Charleston shut gates to the freedom of what America represented. The shot that was really heard around the world that really created division, the sound came from right here. So the only way that you can reverse history Is to bring a sound greater than the sound that came from earth. I believe that is the way James Is leading us. You don’t war out of your iniquities , you war out of the redemptive blessings that were intended.

Chuck had a vision of angels surrounding our Nation.
Something happened when James got us up into a place and LeAnn said “Angels, North, South, East and West.  

I saw these angelic beings take their stand on the perimeter of America. Now that is going to include: the other side of Hawaii; past Maine; the high point of North that you can go, which is right between Alaska and Russia. It is going to include the South, below any border that has been shut.

Angels took their stand when she said North, South, East and West. Then 51 angels were sent, standing and recreating this entire perimeter. Now it doesn’t look like what we know as the United States because we know it’s a bigger perimeter and has the ring of fire in it. All of a sudden these angels stood about 2 feet lower than the angels that were activated by the worship. They readied their sword.  The Commander Angels have been assigned. Now starting here and how we worship is how those angels will begin to do their work here in this nation.

I would love to say us gathering here will make a nation become right - see, we left a former nation and never formed what we came here for. We came here so that all men would be made equal, we warred for freedom, we warred for taxes but we have never seen all men become equal. We never could overcome that hump at the beginning, but now this angelic formation surrounding us - and I have never said this before as many many years I have been in ministry - they are ready around this nation to redetermine how this nation will go. ...We have to do what Paul said in 2 Corinthians 10. We have to know our fields and the apostolic authority in our fields, and then we have to know what we are warring against. We have to know that we have to dethrone all the opinions we have. We have to dethrone all the preconceived ideas we have. I will tell you that this meeting represents something beyond our control and ability that will happen after this meeting. It is so key that we came as a remnant from wherever we came from to worship because without this worship we will not be able to interpret the future.

Father, ...we welcome Your surrounding of a Nation. We welcome how You will proceed to either do surgery on this Nation or how You will end certain things that began wrongly and start things that never have come into fullness. Father, we come to you this morning and ... we humble ourselves. Father, You say that if we humble ourselves that You will hear us. If we turn from our wicked ways then You will heal us. Lord, only You can heal a land that has never healed its divisions. So Father, we TY that You have chosen now to

surround and reform the border of this land. You are making decision on the future of the fields that make us this land.

Father, we TY for the open door that has been extended to You here at the Citadel. Father, even when I say that, I hear You say, “I am evaluating strongholds. I am evaluating voices, I am evaluating edifices, I am evaluating opinions, I am remembering how a Nation, the embryo of this Nation - I am remembering the heart of those that cried for the land that Is now surrounded by a host of angels.

I know all the violations of the land. I know how past decisions infected the land. I know how future decisions can heal the land.” Father,we submit to Your Kingdom Authority. We submit to You looking at us as a peculiar people, one that You have chosen as a generation. Not of race. Not of creed. Not of religious faction. Not of gender. But a chosen generation of gifts that can cause the land to prosper.

Father, as we worship we ask for those gifts to manifest in new ways. We ask Holy Spirit to infuse us with power. Father, we say may Your Kingdom come in America. We present ourselves a Kingdom people submitted to advance Your Kingdom throughout this land. We lay down any thought of culture above Your Kingdom culture. We lay down any thought of language above Your Kingdom language. We lay down any ruling law that has ruled above Your Kingdom laws.

Father, we repent for our religious, political alignments. We say change our mind from that. Get us to place that we don’t care who votes for what, we just want to know what is the real issue behind.

Father, we take our stand today and we say: Your Kingdom come, Your Kingdom come, Your Kingdom come, Your Kingdom come! Infuse us, Lord, the cells of our bodies, so we carry the fragrance of Your Kingdom!  Let’s worship!

Chuck Pierce: Now I feel like here in Charleston the second thing to repent of is a lack of trust and mistrust. And I think if we repent before the Lord on that, He will come down and heal the land here of that.
Father, we come and say that the mistrust that came through this portal here, the mistrust that came through this particular market here, mistrust that was created in the entire Nation from this place - we renounce the power of mistrust in our lives. We renounce the betrayal in our lives. We say right now, heal this land of betrayal, in Jesus' Name.

Chuck Pierce: Father, we decree right now that the trauma from this portal, we renounce it. in Jesus' name. And we decree that anyone who walks in this city will start sensing healing in a new way. Father, we TY that the healing power of God will start replacing trauma that is affecting the thought processes of people. Father, we speak to the Kingdom saints and say rise up and be whole. Rejoice as we come into a new level of wholeness.

LeAnn Squier: I had a vision this monring of the evil eye being completely sewn up. Then it switched, and it turned into a zipper. I mean it was a zipper. You could zip it and unzip It.  Just now the Lord said He is closing that evil eye’s influence over the Kingdom people. However, there will be a time when you need to unzip it to testify. You’re going to testify about what He’s done and then you are going to want to unzip it and display what He has done.

Father, we Thank You right now that You are sowing up that evil eye, haughty eye spirit over Your people that have scrutinized and judged , criticized and shut down and stopped up Your wells, Father, and Your people’s expression. Lord, we  say that it’s going to be at our command. You’re going to open it and you’re going to close it.

...Lord You said we will demonstrate the works of our God. We come not in persuasive words of human wisdom and intellect but we come in demonstration of the Spirit and power. Lord we say that You open and shut. Thank You that Your people are beginning to move in a new demonstration of Who You are, and that power to lock and unlock, to zip and unzip, in Jesus' Name.

LeAnn Sings: He’s also unlocking the purses, the coin purses. He is unzipping the treasury. His people will be faithful and all they are given. Be stewards of a mighty storehouse of wealth. Of a mighty storehouse of wealth. Your people will be stewards of Your fortunes. There is a new level of trustworthiness that has been demonstrated and developed in the Body, the Kingdom people. And the Lord is saying He can trust you, He knows you are a giver, He knows you know how to steward what has been given.  And there is a new level of release where He is unzipping. It is almost like those bank pouches. He is unzipping access at a whole new level. Lord, we say new levels of access to money for Kingdom purposes. Lord, just for you, all for you, all for Your mission, all for You to accomplish all that you have purpose to do, in Jesus' Name.

Chuck's prophetic vision given previously - which led to this gathering:  “It was a path that formed and it formed from Trenton to Philadelphia to DC and then to Charleston SC, a strange path... .The Lord says “this is going to be the path of recovery, it's going to begin to, I’m going to move along this path and there will be a divine recovery and divine worship sound that follows along this path. So I say to you, invite me to come and I will follow you as you go forth on this path and then by the time you get to Charleston you will be able to reverse what has tried to divide a nation.”

Chuck Pierce: I am going to tell South Carolina, You have a prophetic anointing that you need to rise up into. I have watched the Lord bring you from under a curse to coming into a place where He is going to use you in this season ahead. You are not the poorest, worst state in America. God has restored a voice here, but He wants to hear your voice. We will be hearing from South Carolina in the next 18 months greatly.  

Chuck Pierce: I saw the four angels take there stand, North, South, East and West. Then I saw the 51 angels surround. Now I will tell you there are two things to watch when you see angels:

Do they have their sword encased? Because the moment they pull it out, we are in trouble. As they stood the four angels were holding their swords up - North, South, East, and West.  But the 51 had them in their sheath. ... I think God, from this meeting, will have liberty to determine which State will be in covenant with Him, starting now. I think we have worshipped and we don’t want the angel attached to our State to pull his sword out. That would not be good for us. We had a warning from Dutch: we don’t want to be like Achan at Jericho and say, oh let me just take a little bit of what I know is there because I might need it as I go into the promise ahead. No, you give to the Lord the BEST first. Jericho was the first fruit of the land. They were required to give everything from Jericho. They were not required to do that in every place that they took. He has plenty for you, but He needed this meeting FIRST BEFORE He could start dealing with a Nation. 

...Lord, we honor Your Sword. You said you come to bring peace but to bring a sword. Father, that is a Kingdom sword, cut loose this Nation from religion and entwining. Break the power of infirmity that has spread across this land. Father, we say we break agreement with poverty. We won't remain with a poverty, slavery mentality. Father, we say You will raise us up to have new thoughts of prosperity, new thoughts of multiplication, new thoughts of establishing.

The Lord would say that there is a very fine lining that I am looking at carefully throughout this land... Don’t let any contraction that says “can't” or “won't" enter your vocabulary. I say there is a membrane that I am looking at for a Nation will be birthed in a new way in the coming 9 months. You will watch the forming of it and I say that membrane I am looking at, and only I from Heaven can cause the movement of it. I have chosen these 13 Colonies and now I will use them as an example again. I will reveal to them how they strayed from Me, and I will reveal to them the path of deliverance back to to Me.

But I say that I have order for this Nation and I have an angelic movement that now surrounds this land. Mark today for this Nation is now surrounded. I know States, how to free States, and how to cause States to sink in days ahead. I have a remnant that gathers at My call. You have proven to Me that when I say come that you will come. I loose the Spirit of Prophecy upon these that are here. You will wake up hearing things you didn’t know. You will wake up prophesying in a way you have never prophesied before. You will wake up uncovering a mystery that has been a mystery in your life. I loose the Spirit of Revelation upon us. I say you will uncover things that you couldn’t uncover in last season. I called you and you came. I send you forth to walk and reclaim the glory of every place your foot steps. I am causing you to have access to the land that I have chosen for you. Walk in a new glory realm.

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