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God's Greater Rule!


Embassy of Zion's Vision is to see God's Greater Rule presiding in our sphere and territory.  Chuck Pierce has prophesied of God's Government:

"This is the government that overcomes all other governments.  When this government is in order we can then command the governments of this earth to come into order."


     - Apostolic Alignment: foundation to launch

     - using and submitting your gifts with others

     - hearing God's voice, seeing, and discerning

     - Word and Spirit

     - moving with sound in worship

     - warring and triumphing together

     - watching, and taking action

     - demonstrating love, Kingdom

     - growing up into Fullness of Christ

     - challenge and assignments 

     - a family and an army



Let's get the conversation going.  How did you hear about Embassy of Zion?   What are your comments or questions? We will be happy to hear from you!  

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Susie Zeigler

Anne Romanello

Embassy of Zion

PO Box 470814

Charlotte, NC 28247


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