Apostolic alignment is a foundationfor calling forth the fullness of our individual and corporate identities in Christ and equipping us to be sent out for works of ministry.  Alignment is formed around spiritual agreement in unity of vision and call, and functions in the spiritual authority flowing from the Lord Jesus.  All of us aligned in EOZ are in unity with the Body of Christ, yet are more closely "ligamented" together with each other for His ordained purposes for us to carry out together.


Embassy of Zion's apostolic alignment is with Apostle Chuck Pierce in both Glory of Zion International and in Global Spheres. He has ordained and commissioned EOZ leaders Susie Zeigler and Anne Romanello as Apostles.


God's God-sized Part:  At this time in the earth, the Lord is developing an apostolic wineskin to hold and pour new wine. (Think harvest and ongoing revival.) His five-fold Kingdom government with the Cornerstone Jesus is the Foundation for the Body of Christ to come into the Fullness of maturity, in demonstration of the love and power of the resurrected King Jesus.  (Ephesians 4, plus.)

Our Part: We choose to be used!  We are individuals, families, and cluster groups who answer the call we hear to align together for this region (the Carolinas and out into the 13 Colonies) in the shared vision of seeing the Kingdom of God flourish!  We launch out together in multi-gifted teams on apostolic assignments, from the Foundation for Fullness: Full Stature (Eph 4); Full House (Luke 14:23); Full of Glory (Psa 72)!


Apostle Chuck Pierce says, “In every conflicting crossroads season Covenant and Alignment are keys to unlocking your future!”  We advance together as a family and an army, with corporate functions and team assignments as Holy Spirit leads.  With every advance of Kingdom we experience here, we declare “it is SO!” for our covenant partners in the Triumphant Reserve in Israel!

Grace and peace to you,

Susie and Anne, on behalf of Embassy of Zion

moving together, sending out


The apostolic flows through relationship. In addition to in-person gatherings we also reach out to others through interactive series via Zoom. Relationships are formed and strengthened, and new folks can see how the Troop moves together "in the air," overcoming geographical constraints. EOZ team zooms include Rosh Chodesh First Fruits, training and equipping, dream revelation, and wisdom roundtable.


The Ayin decade was a season to advance in watching. In the PEY decade the Embassy of Zion Troop endeavors to preside in an effectual place of hearing,   decreeing, and witnessing results.   We move with revelation the Lord gives us. In tongues of men and angels each one adds his/ her piece to the whole, as we pray in various places as Holy Spirit leads - and testify of his goodness.   

Regional events

​Apostles Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets, as well as several others from Glory of Zion have come to help the Triumphant Reserve advance the Kingdom in this territory. These and other apostolic-prophetic worship gatherings we host greatly advance us here in this region. Also, through regional events people meet and further develop our relationships with co-laborers for the harvest.

houses of zion

Multiplying and strengthening Houses of Zion: EOZ folks who gather in HOZs webcast Glory of Zion; stake the revelation territorially; and develop, strengthen, and use their spiritual gifts. What a great place for people to add their piece to the warring, family unit. This includes house-to-house ministry, toward whole families being baptized and coming into the freedom of Kingdom!  

spiritual growth

For people who desire to develop a deeper relationship with the Lord, we have a group available via Zoom. The focus is on knowing, hearing, and loving the Lord through the help of Holy Spirit, who enlightens Bible truths and enlivens us in prayer and responsive praise and obedience. Here you can "get free and get moving" on a team with other followers of Jesus.


His covenant heart and ways are displayed through the apple of His eye, Israel.  Embassy of Zion stands with Israel - both the Land and the People.  We watch and pray in loving alignment with Martin & Norma Sarvis and Daniel & Amber Pierce living in Jerusalem. For more on "Israel First" from Glory of Zion's website - click here.  

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