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The Carolinas

are Shifting to Become

the Gate of the Nation!

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Apostle Chuck Pierce has come to us in the Carolinas five times since 9/17, bringing Apostle Dutch Sheets with him. Together they have spoken the heart of God for the unfolding destiny of the Carolinas.


And together may we here in the Carolinas steward well and  actively  WATCH for the performance of God's word, and the ADVANCE of His KINGDOM! 






Click to see the page associated with each of these significant apostolic-prophetic milestone gatherings.


This nation is re-forming. This was the cradle of the formation. We decree now the re-forming power of God is being unlocked from the Carolinas!

Father, your Spirit is here. Father, the next move of God is here. Father, your people are here. Father, I decree every sound that has been lost or locked up when it came on the land called the Carolinas will now be unlocked and sweep across this land, North, South, West, and East! Shout it!

This place has been chosen for the convening voice of our future, in this land, for freedom. Freedom comes from the voice. We say right now the spirit of freedom will now rest on Charlotte, NC!  

Decree it back to every place you are from! We say FREEDOM now rests on the Carolinas!  No division, no schism!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 2/18/20

Hear the sound of accusation coming down at the gates, at the gates.

Hear the sound of justice and grace at the gates, at the gates. 

Receive the power to legislate at the gates, at the gates, at the gates.  

Hear the sound of justice and grace at the gates, as you legislate at the gates, at the gates, at the gates.

Psalmist LeAnn Squier 10/22/18

“And the Lord says to the Carolinas: you are going to lead in harvest. Harvest strategies are going to start coming to the Carolinas.” 

Apostle Chuck Pierce 8/4/17

"There is a new season we are moving into where the Voice of the Lord is released to us.  And when that begins to happen not only does the Voice of the Lord come to the church, the Voice of the Lord comes to the sinner.   Because when the Spirit of revelation, when the prophetic anointing, when the Voice of the Lord is released bringing the Spirit of revelation into a place, not only do God’s people hear His Voice, but unbelievers begin to hear His Voice." 

Apostle Dutch Sheets 9/5/17

I will change the voice of the universities of this land. I will bring them before national attention and their voice will sound differently than what they have sounded in the past. I say watch, for My wind will enter everything that says university and college in the Carolinas.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 9/5/17

Now let’s give a shout for breakthrough that is upon these two states! Now there is a sound for harvest. When you read the Book of Revelation, there are songs for harvest. We bring down the sound into the Carolinas for the harvest ahead!

Hear the thunders! See the lightnings! 

It’s a new call to intercession in the Carolinas!  Put your hand on someone - decree they are being called into intercession in a new way for this nation. There is a new call for intercession on this land coming from the Carolinas!  Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

A New Day is Breaking in the Carolinas! A New Flow of the Spirit of God Will Move from the State Borders North and South to Create New Triumphant Movement for Harvest! This is a Time to Prophesy!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

I say the veil of division that has been on these two states is now being ripped off,

saith the Lord! 

I say that same veil of division is attempting to gain a strong atmospheric hold in this nation. I say I brought you here tonight to strip the veil of division and say

"Now God will cause us to rise up into a new movement of power, authority, and glory!" 

Carolinas go first!  Shout it out loud: Carolinas go first!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

While we were worshipping I see ripe clusters of grapes on the vine that are dripping in the fullness. I decree from that the new wine is in the cluster.  And the new wine coming forth is filled with miracles. And filled with liberty.  There is a liberty that is rising up … 

A new birth of liberty.  Susie Zeigler 9/16/16

I am here to say tonight a new movement is beginning in the Carolinas! It’s going to change the course of how this nation operates.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

Now feel the King extending his scepter to this Queen City.  And decree now a new favor is coming on this city that will unlock its voice and cause a movement that dismantles demon forces to come forth, starting tonight.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

In the name of Jesus we decree for the evangelist to align with the apostle... We say that God’s people will find their place of prayer at the river.  And they will find even sons and daughters of Abraham, who have been waiting there at the river, calling out to God, praying. This will be a time of harvest that includes not only those who have the nations in us, but also the sons and daughters of Abraham.

Anne Romanello 9/16/16

"For I say from the Carolinas, there will come a ruling voice, that rises up, that influences the direction of the nations of the world.  I say to you the Carolinas will be known for shifting this nation into a new flow of My Spirit.  I say to you, the Carolinas are becoming sensitive to the change and there are two great battles ahead for this nation, and the Carolinas will be known for changing a course of the way this land goes to war and enters in to triumph."

Apostle Chuck Pierce 9/5/17

We need to decree tonight the familiar spirit that has rested on these states holding them in judgment, holding them captive - we need to decree tonight that is being ripped off in Jesus’ name! See once familiarity leaves a movement magnifies.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

He said I'm shifting the Carolinas to become the gate of the nation. That says there is some dramatic shift that is going to go on in the economies of these 2 states. There is some dramatic influence that is going to come forth.  See, a gate is a place of authority. If He’s shifting the Carolinas into becoming the gate of this nation, that says he’s shifting some incredible decision-making power that will rise from these states that are one.

In other words, the nation - it will be known that it changed fully and was established in a new way because of something that came from the Carolinas.

Now that’s what’s so important of why the move of God doesn't need to be a State move but a Territorial move. And God is saying I'm calling the territory that came out of the covenant root of Virginia to begin to move as one in this movement ahead for they will become the gate of the nation.

A gate is a place for business. It’s a place where law shifts. It’s a place where justice comes. It's a place of government. That says there is such a shift coming on the Carolinas. 

A gate is a place where we contend. Therefore the Carolinas will become the contending place in days ahead for the future of this land. 

But a gate is a place where we watch. We have to remember the glory is at the gate. We also must understand that we have to turn the battle at the gate. And the only way we can do that is to keep complacency removed off of us. Complacency comes from familiarity.   Apostle Chuck Pierce 10/22/18

The Carolinas Will Become the Gate to Our Nation!

Then he said this. He said the Carolinas will become the Gate to our nation. Now you go back and look at the history of the Carolinas and that’s exactly what they were. The gate to the forming this nation. So God has an original intent, and some way or another we have to come back into the cycle of that original intent.

Now. I think as I stand here I am able to see how the Lord can do that. How he can use Carolina as not just the eye gate but the mouth gate to this nation in the future. But I think we have to keep rallying to bring his anointing in here so that gets established.

A gate is a place of authority, a place of resort, a place where decisions are made, a place of contending, a place of watching, and a place where revelation comes. And if God is saying the Carolinas would become the gate to our nation, we are going to have to pull that into reality in what is called the Carolinas. I don’t think it’s just North; I don’t think it’s just South. I think it is the Carolinas, which has a great territorial effect.

I want to say I see this happening in the next two years from this state and from this region in America.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

But he said there would come a time when His remnant would gather in Columbia and when that happened that would be the time that He grafted the Carolinas back into their ultimate purpose.

I am here to announce tonight there is a supernatural re-grafting of the Carolinas back into God’s purpose for America, and out of Carolina there will come a voice of change that literally produces revival from the first people’s roots of this land all the way up to the people who are ruling the treasury system of this land. God says out of the Carolinas you are being grafted back in, and now the awakening of this land can begin and accelerate!

He said when this gathering occurred this would begin the breaking of a spirit of infirmity that was ruling this land, and a move of divine evangelistic healing will break out of the Carolinas and sweep through this nation! Put your hand on somebody and say that healing anointing in you is rising up!

And the Lord says you watch as a sign, the treasury system of this nation begin to shift. You watch things begin to happen. I say to you, I have waited and said there will come a time of re-grafting. That has happened. And now healing will sweep the land!   Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

As we enter this era it's not just about God coming down, it’s about us coming out! Tell somebody you are coming out!


Backbone means compromise is going.  But it also means this - this is what’s key when the going gets tough - there are some people having staying power. You can call it deep pockets, you can call it strength, you can call it whatever you want, but when they can’t stand they keep standing. Ephesians 6 is about backbone.

I want to say to you God is re-clothing and re-forming our backbone, because we have entered our greatest season of tension. And God’s people are carrying a whole new anointing to deal with tension!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 2/18/20

Visible Change!​

The God wind will win!

The voice of harvest will rise again ... saying here is the strategy of harvest in the nation.  Chuck Pierce 9/5/17


I am here to address today, because God has said the Carolinas will become a Gate for all of America, and the glory of God is at the gate of the Carolinas! I say this religious spirit will not stop the move of God that will come out of the Carolinas!

Now I want you to grab someone’s hand - where there’s two touching and agreeing, come into agreement with them that the Carolinas will be known that the religious spirit is not the greatest influence of this land!​  Father, hear us. We’re coming into agreement. That ruling force that has affected the Carolinas year after year after year will not be the ruling force of this next move of God!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

Lord, we take the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and we unlock the door of signs and wonders and the supernatural miracle-working power of Holy Spirit into the Carolina region and from here into the nation!

We close every demonic root that has been in this region that has allowed the enemy to rule and to oppress and even cause that religious-political spirit to marry, and witchcraft to come into this region! We close the door to all that.​ 


And we unlock the door to the 3rd Great Awakening in America, to begin to well up in the Carolinas, in the land of the Billy Graham anointing, that there is a prophetic evangelism about to be birthed in this nation coming from the very soil. And we open the door to it, in Jesus name! We say holy fire, fires of revival are beginning to burn on the campuses of the Carolinas. We decree there will not be one college campus or university in the Carolinas that is not experiencing the flames of revival in this next season that is coming! We say open door! You must open!

Apostle Dutch Sheets 3/11/19

The Lord says tonight as you worship, there’s a divine reversal coming into this land! Where Columbia has been a city that has tried to remake itself and to come back and to become a model of reconciliation, God says now tonight the ultimate reversal comes in!


Where that handshake between religion and government that created a dividing move in this land, the Lord says the reversal comes tonight, where He’s putting back together a nation in a new way. And the sound that comes from this move of God will begin to unlock and bring in people from every walk, whether it’s low land or high land, wherever it might be. This move of God, starting tonight, is raising up an army that will not be stopped by religion! And government must shift, because the government of God is being restored!

Now Father, from the Carolinas tonight there is a reversal of covenant-breaking sweeping out across the land of America! And we say healing will now arise in a new way!   Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19


Now I’m here to announce to you, starting this gathering in the Carolinas, not only will new wells be dug throughout the Carolinas, but here’s the key: new worship altars will be established. One of the greatest worship altars of all times that’s been defiled is in Columbia SC. And God says, but new altars are going to be established. I have found a people who are ready to dig, ready to drink. They are thirsty. And they are ready to build fiery altars for the future. And the altars of the past will no longer be able to rule my territory that I call the Carolinas, for the future! This is the beginning of the reordering of God’s breakthrough, from the South into America.

Lord, you brought us to this place. There’s been a breach in this city between heaven and earth. There’s been a breach in the ground that stopped the flow of revival. And you are ready for this land to gain a new flow and new well of revival. Lord, you’ve chosen the Carolinas because you chose the Carolinas.

Look at somebody - He chose you, you didn’t choose Him. He prospered you at the beginning he’s still prospering you. There’s been a war over the prosperity and unity of this land from this land. There’s been quarreling initiated from this land. There’s been anger initiated from this land. There’s been enmity created from this land. Columbia.

And the Lord says today and tonight there is a divine reversal happening in the atmosphere! There’s a reversal between heaven and earth! There's a reversal of the springing up of the well of God! There’s a reversal of the fire of God! There’s a reversal of fire coming back to the altar of God in the Carolinas!​  And He says I have gathered an Embassy that I can begin to cause my glory to be worn in every place their feet go. They will recreate the order of breakthrough in this land!​  I’ve created a new sound of worship, a new order of worship. I invited you into this city to start a divine reversal of my plan! 

Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

Glory means dignity, honor. It means abundance, wealth. It means there are treasures that have never been unlocked and once they are unlocked we begin to shine. Glory is a weight, we wear it. It can be seen on God’s people. And yet I believe God is saying the glory is at the gate, and the Carolinas will become the Gate of America. So that says there's a new honor, there’s a new glory, there’s a new dignity, there’s a new majesty, there’s a new perfection in your promises that God is bringing.

Apostle Chuck Pierce 3/11/19

We say America shall be saved! America shall be saved! And He is accelerating the restoration that He decreed over America! America shall be saved! The Carolinas shall be saved! The East Coast will be saved! The West Coast will be saved! The North, the South will be saved! The rich, the poor, every race! America shall be saved!    

Apostle Dutch Sheets 3/11/19

Lord you told us that this was the season that giants would begin to fall. This is the season where that which has been rooted - even the perversion of religion that has become dry and dead and stale and powerless - but Lord, the giants of abortion, the giants of racism, the giants of division, the giants of immorality - Lord, you said this is the season you can pull down the giants.

So Lord, we say over this region that strongholds of darkness are now being dislodged, and evil systems that have ruled this region and in the spiritual realm are being unraveled now. And we close the door to all of that activity. And we open the door to the new. We say the curse is broken and the new has come!  And now the new will begin to manifest, and Isaac will be born in this season! And giants will fall, and Goliaths will fall, and righteousness will spring up out of the earth, and the fruit of your Spirit will begin to prevail!

And Carolina will produce the fruit of righteousness, and the fruit of life, and the fruit of self control, and the fruit of love! And the fruit of Holy Spirit will invade this region once again!​  And evangelism will come with great, great strength!

Apostle Dutch Sheets 3/11/19


All of a sudden I saw something. It was like a veil rolled back and I saw us - in moments we will know in territories how to gather. We’ll gather and the Spirit of God will come. And it will create. People will start bringing people in that need to be saved. It won’t be church gatherings. We will just say we are all gathering for this, and all of a sudden you'll know this is the place where the Spirit of God rests. And we’ll show up and the Spirit of God will manifest our future!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 2/18/20

So tonight when I walked on the stage in the wings, I heard the Lord say I’m breaking the spirit of infirmity. And I saw, it was the back, it was the woman who had been bent over for 18 years, with the spirit of infirmity in her back. She was bent over.


And I began to realize as all of this was transpiring, what is happening is God is healing the backbone of the Body of Christ - all along this pathway up the Coast. And as she stood up, I saw that the Lord was saying I am restoring the crown, the scepter. I'm restoring the spirit of authority. I'm purging out infirmity, weakness. And I saw it was a call to rule and to reign. To rule and to reign.


And so even as the Body of Christ is being restored, and even as that governing anointing is coming back to the Body of Christ, you know who you are now! We know who we are! We know we are here for a purpose! We know we are a scepter in the hand of the Lord! This thing is shifting now! This is shifting in our nation and shifting with you, as we are stepping into that place where we are upright. And we are strong, even in our core and in our backbone being restored. Now there is a governmental anointing that is beginning to rest.

Worship Leader LeAnn Squier 2/18/20

Father, we say tonight it’s your perfect time. Lord, we say these that have paved the way for us to be here, Lord, we honor them. We say there is a new mantle for the Carolinas. Lord, we say there is a new mantle for Embassy of Zion.

Father, we say this is the beginning of new types of gatherings. This is the beginning of awakening gatherings! Revival gatherings! Re-alignment gatherings! Father, thank you that this remnant here have connected and caused your voice, and a greater sound from the Carolinas will now go out throughout the entire nation! Let’s give a shout up into heaven!

Now I want you to put your hand on someone and decree over them they are in God’s perfect moment, the perfect moment of change! Sons and daughters are coming back! The hand of God is beginning to move! The Government of God is rising up! We decree from the Carolinas that the greater sound is now going forth to this land!

Apostle Chuck Pierce 2/18/20

"And I say to you, the racial squabbles from your past will seem mild to the voice that I give you to direct nations, saith the Lord. I say to you I will heal and make one those that you didn’t think could be made one. I will redo structures and organization and realign councils. It will be said, in Carolina, they rose up together and created a move of the Spirit and a school of the Spirit for a whole nation to be schooled in the future." 

Apostle Chuck Pierce 9/5/17

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