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Revelation 22:1-2 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, flowing with water clear as crystal, continuously pouring out from the throne of God and of the Lamb. The river was flowing in the middle of the street of the city, and on either side of the river was the Tree of Life, with its twelve kinds of ripe fruit according to each month of the year. The leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations.

The words Rosh Chodesh mean head (beginning) of the month.  It's a celebration cycle that God initiated.  He gives us a new month; we celebrate his goodness in advance, at the beginning of it.


Sometimes it’s called the "New Moon Festival" in the Bible. Together God’s people would watch for the sign of the new moon, hear from God through the prophets, and offer their first back to Him. When we give him our first pinch, he blesses the whole lump!


There are no rules about celebrating Rosh Chodesh "First Fruits", really.  Free in Christ!  According to Col 2 we resist judging others about how they celebrate; neither do we turn it into a legalistic burden on ourselves.  


He is our Preeminent One!  We seek His Kingdom FIRST, together.  Contact us if you would like to celebrate Rosh Chodesh First Fruits with us via Zoom.  

"GOD, YOU ARE GREAT!  You are OUR GOD, and we are YOUR PEOPLE!  You have blessed us in this past month!  

And we know you will be faithful again in this new month!  So we celebrate YOU, Lord!  We dance in advance!  And we thank you that you gave us Your Son Jesus!"


Why we love this

What a difference it makes to live a lifestyle of being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing!

What if you spent the first of your time this month joining with others in throwing the Lord a praise party, giving the first and best of your whole-hearted devotion and love, finding creative ways to give the first and best of the bounty in your life?  And what if He would love it?!  

Why?  So that you would live aware of important differences from one month to the other, which could help put in order your time, energy, prayers, worship,  and supply - and that would keep you moving forward instead of getting stuck in old cycles, feeling that one month just runs into the next.


And what if the whole thing was really His idea, ultimately to bless you right back?  That’s the GREAT GOD HE IS!  He sets this up to help us live in the cycle of His blessing, as in Proverb 3.  (For more on the scriptural basis, click for a related article from our Q&A page.)

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WHAT MONTH (prophetic season) are we in?

We follow both the calendar of our culture, the Gregorian calendar (since ~ 1582 AD) and also the Hebraic calendar (based on the moon and sun that God set to mark times and seasons according to Genesis 1:14) still followed in Israel today.  Here, you can learn about the current month's biblical significance, and gain an understanding of its significance in your everyday life as well.

The month of cheshvan/ the tribe of Manasseh

(From A Time to Advance)


Cheshvan is the eighth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. The number “8” signifies eternal revelation and new beginning. Cheshvan is linked with the tribe of Manasseh.


This month is a time to allow the fragrance of God to begin to permeate your soulish nature. Many people with a Greek mindset think that God is dealing only with spiritual issues, and they do not make the connection of body, soul and spirit. God sanctifies us spirit, soul and body.

Seeking first the Kingdom...

Rosh Chodesh First Fruits