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Watchmen Zoom Notebook


 ...."The prophet's reward is the fulfillment of the prophetic word! A reward is NOT a GIFT!  IT IS the FRUIT of DELIBERATE EFFORT!  It is the VISIBLE outgrowth of the seed of the word of the prophet!

...We will get this reward because we are acting on it by responding in faith to the word of the Lord spoken by the prophet. We have decided we will watch over this word to see that it doesn't fall to the ground and God will make it happen...


As God sends us forth from here on ministry assignments we will carry this seed from the Carolinas, and we will know where it is to be planted or spoken to hover over that land in that state. (I decree...) Our heavenly seed is multiplying because we are taking it from the gate of heaven as it is established here through our decrees and we are sowing it wherever we place our feet on the land in this nation!  "Freely we have received, now freely we give it away!" We will sow glory into the land wherever we are sent because we are the sent ones created for your glory! We are a chosen priesthood and a holy nation. Lord, You are our God, and We are your covenant people carrying the sound of triumph and the sound of power according to Psalm 149!


I wanted to follow up  in relation to Gen 26 and Isaac's location in Gerar. The name means 'rolling county', but it comes from a root word in Hebrew that means 'to bring up the cud' and is used to express the idea of rumination. Rumination is the picture of scriptural meditation, of pondering and speaking out, over and over, what God has said until those words become part of the ruminant's heart and are incorporated into his very life.

God had settled Isaac in the place of meditation. Meditation is a key in hearing the voice of God.

I was just as excited when I looked up and heard  'the fire alarm is being tested', as perhaps, Isaac was when he looked up and saw his Rebecca. (Gen 24:63) As Isaac needed his father's wells, meditation without the Holy Spirit can be dry and eventually even unfruitful or not as fruitful.

I declare we will step out into the deeper water of His presence, His word and His Spirit, in Jesus name. (Ezek 47)


Economic News Release!  


RALEIGH One of the region’s most promising homegrown tech companies will receive $10.7 million in incentives from state and local governments to stay in Raleigh.

Pendo, which employs 171 people in its downtown Raleigh office, in turn must create 590 jobs over the next five years and invest $34.6 million in its facilities. The company, which has offices from San Francisco to Israel, must also designate Raleigh as its world headquarters... The average annual wage for the new jobs will be $86,824. That’s above the the Wake County average annual wage of $56,245.

Economic News Release!


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Dec. 6, 2018) – LendingTree, a homegrown leader and pioneer in online lending, has selected the City of Charlotte for its new headquarters, creating 436 new jobs over the next seven years. 

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