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Eyes on the Harvest in Carolinas

9/16/16 Word from Chuck Pierce Over Carolinas - from Liberty Park, NJ

Chuck: Now what the Lord showed me about the Carolinas, for America and this is more of a America meeting, He showed me that Carolina had lost its call to its harvest fields. And it's not seeing its harvest fields right. So the Lord showed me this year He would blow a wind in that would open up the EYES of the Carolinas to harvest. Even now this wind is going to upturn religious, anti-Semitic, racial structures that's causing the people to take stands legally but miss the MOVE that I am trying to bring in.

I say to you, this wind must come or poverty will invade those 2 states in a greater dimension. So I say to you, when you go back, you will decree “The HARVEST is ripe! And the EYES will be seeing for the harvest of this nation and any old root structures that have held back a move of harvest out of their stand that they have taken of some misplaced role in this nation, we say right now Harvest will TRUMP in SC and NC!”

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