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A Time to Watch (shamar)

On October 22, 2018, Apostle Chuck Pierce said in Charlotte:

“I believe that’s why we are having gatherings like this: because many of you have interceded, many of you have stood, many of you have decreed. But the Lord said you are about to decree again in a way you have never decreed before. He said I want you to decree here in the Carolinas that the “New Watchman Movement” I am calling forth for this hour has begun.

Now we are in a new season of watching. And I said, ‘Lord, what shall we do?’ ... He said call forth the watchman prophets. There are six types of prophets in Word of God. The shamar prophets are the ones that take the Word and watch after it, and pull it into reality. I see us going in the Carolinas calling forth the watchman prophets…”


In the Carolinas, now is our time to watch - to watch in a new way - to jump in to the NEW Watchman Movement that has begun. The SHAMAR watchman prophets are “the ones who take the Word and watch after it, and pull it into reality.”

The word shamar is used in Scripture over 450 times, and the greatest example of shamar is the LORD! Psalm 121 describes the watching, guarding, keeping nature of shamar as a characteristic of the LORD who protects us day and night.

Isaiah 62:6 best illustrates shamar for our purposes of watching over a region, and the prophetic decree over this region. “On your walls, [O Carolinas], I have appointed watchmen (shamar); All day and all night they will never keep silent. You who remind the Lord, take no rest for yourselves; and give Him no rest until He establishes [The Carolinas as a joyful song in the earth].”

We are on the wall. We are appointed by God. We will not keep silent - day and night take no rest. We will not keep silent but remind Him of His word and give Him no rest until we see the fulfillment of what He has said!

As “shamar watchmen” here are 3 things we can be watching for - day and night:

GOODNESS OF GOD. In this new watchman movement, the Lord is calling His people to be vigilant and alert to His lovingkindness. “The Lord is good to all, and His mercies are over all His works.” (Psalm 145:9) We will establish an atmosphere of praise and receive the benefit of a testimony that overcomes when we are actively watching for the goodness of the Lord. Our eyes will be open to the spiritual realm as we observe His mercies. Our awareness of His presence will increase the more we watch for the goodness that follows us all our days. (Psalm 23:6)

OPPORTUNITY FROM GOD. Be alert for daily experiences when the Lord calls our attention to a situation that is not in agreement with His will. See this as an opportunity that God gives for us to take action or speak His decree to bring the Word of the Lord into a situation. Deeds of darkness or evidence of sin’s effect become an opportunity to declare Truth to shift the situation and claim the Blood of Jesus over it. We are watching for opportunities to become the agents of Holy Spirit to reverse the attempts of the evil one to kill, steal, or destroy that which belongs to the Lord!

DANCING HAND OF GOD. We are watching for the Lord where ever He appears. We are, first and foremost, His watchmen! Lord, we ask that You open our eyes and make us alert to Your Spirit and His movement in the people around us wherever we go. When we see "the dancing Hand of the Lord" upon someone or some thing, we can actively come into agreement with the Lord about what Heaven is - at that moment - beginning to manifest in the earth realm.

Chuck also shared on October 22 at Double Portion Harvest Glory in the Carolinas, “Then He said … they are to stand the gaps. Now gaps are where you meet God, you meet man, and you meet the enemy trying to hold the whole thing captive. And you stand there and you become the representative until that wall is rebuilt. I am decreeing that a new wall of glory is going to surround the Carolinas.”

This is a compelling Word from the Lord for all of us this season in our territory! We must all take our posts, guard our gate, and watch when and where the Lord calls us to watch so that no gaps may be left open, but His glory will continually surround the Carolinas without a breach!

Here is a quick personal inventory you can take as one who is part of this NEW Watchman Movement:

  1. Shamar Watchmen are alert at their posts! Do you know what your post is?

  2. Shamar Watchmen guard their gate! What “gate” has the Lord assigned you to guard?

  3. Shamar Watchmen watch day and night! Has the Lord given you a specific watch that He has asked you take? (A great resource on the different Watches: God’s Unfolding Battle Plan by Chuck Pierce can be ordered at

This New Watchman movement is for all of us! Find your place in this movement and allow Holy Spirit to link you with the ones He chooses for you to align with on the wall. For when all is said and done, there are two things that Chuck pointed out the Lord is looking for: "faith" and "are we watching?".

“What should we do now that we are coming into this new movement? The Lord said if I come back - He said 2 things in his new covenant. When I come back will I find faith? And then He said when I come back will I find you watching? We don't have to worry about when He comes back - we just have to worry about what we are doing if He comes back. A lot of people just sit around fearful that He is coming back or not coming back. All you’ve got to be sure you’re doing is moving by faith today and watching today, based upon what the Lord has assigned you to watch over.”

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