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A Good Sound from NC to Help Shift the Nation

Scales of Justice with grapes, and eagle on top.

Word from Melinda Richardson over NC 7/9/16

Melinda Richardson came to Greensboro, North Carolina on July 9 (an event sponsored by Releasing Heaven Minstries.) Several who are part of Embassy of Zion came from different places around North Carolina to join Yvonne Hick’s team for this strategic meeting. Melinda had an important word for us during this meeting: the Lord said He was tipping the Scales of Justice in our favor! Melinda presented us with a scale and clusters of grapes as a prophetic act. We celebrated through the month of Av with it!

She also released this word during worship: "Mark ye this day - in 2-3 months a sound will come forth from NC - a good sound that will help shift a nation. People will take notice..." Later that day she reiterated it, "Earlier today the Lord was saying this sound is right there under the ground. He said in the next 2-3 months the sound would uncap and NC would be seen and heard in a way that would captivate the nation. I don’t know what it looks like or means. He said it would be a sound."

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